RV Wash and Wax in Grand Junction, CO

RV Wash and Wax: Clean, Shine, and Protect Your Rig

Transform your RV from dusty to dazzling with our premium RV wash and wax services. Our specialized soap cleans deeply while providing a protective layer that enhances shine and repels water, keeping your RV looking its best for miles to come.

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What’s Our Cleaning Process?

  • Thoroughly Pressure Wash RV
  • Apply Powerful Solution to Loosen Grime
  • Apply Premium RV Wash and Wax Soap
  • Agitate with Scratch Free Brushes or Mits
  • Rinse with Spot Free Water & Air Dry
  • Detail Windows, Wheels & Dress Tires

Benefits of Using an RV Wash and Wax Soap

Our premium Wash and Wax service delivers a clean, shiny, and protected RV in a single step. Our specialized soap utilizes Hydrophobic Polymer Technology to thoroughly clean your RV’s exterior while leaving behind a protective layer of wax. This wax coating not only enhances shine but also helps repel water and dirt, making your RV look great for longer and simplifying future cleaning.

  • Two-in-One Efficiency: Simplify your cleaning routine with a wash and wax formula that saves time and effort.
  • Brilliant Shine: Our soap leaves your RV with a noticeable shine that enhances its overall appearance.
  • Improved Water Repellency: Hydrophobic Polymer Technology helps water bead off, reducing water spots and making future cleaning easier.
  • Added Protection: The wax layer provides extra protection against UV rays, dirt, and other environmental elements.
  • Long-Lasting Results: The protective wax coating delivers shine and protection for many months.

Our Process

  • Premium Wash and Wax Soap: We use high-quality soap formulated to thoroughly clean while leaving a protective wax coating.
  • Detailed Cleaning: We pay attention to every area of your RV’s exterior, including wheels, windows, roof, and undercarriage (if requested).
  • Rinse and Shine: The rinsing process activates the Hydrophobic Polymers, creating that water-beading effect and leaving a noticeable shine.

RV Wash and Wax FAQ’s

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Our specialized soap contains Hydrophobic Polymer Technology. This means it not only cleans your RV’s exterior effectively but also leaves behind a microscopic protective layer that repels water and enhances shine.

The wax coating can last for several months, depending on weather and environmental factors. This means your RV will look cleaner for longer and be easier to clean in the future.

Yes! Our wash and wax soap is formulated to be safe and effective on a variety of RV exterior surfaces, including paint, fiberglass, and metal.

While we don’t offer traditional hand waxing, our premium Wash and Wax soap provides a protective coating that delivers significant shine and makes your RV easier to maintain. It’s a great option for regular maintenance and protection.

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